Quality Bookkeeping Service

Provide bookkeeping service for small business and individual. Keep track of business performance, personal finance information and maintain accounting records for you on a monthly basis.

Service Offer:

A. Business Bookkeeping:
1. Monthly processing all business expense
2. Monthly processing of sales, deposit and receivables
3. Monthly bank reconciliation of business bank account
4. Monthly Credit Card Statement reconciliation
5. Monthly Financial Reports: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement
6. Payroll Service (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monhly)
7. All Federal, State Payroll Tax

B. Individual Bookkeeping:
1. Monthly Expense Tracking
2. Monthly Income Tracking
3. Monthly bank reconciliation and check book balance
4. Monthly summary sheet

mail: P.O.Box 3922, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
telephone: 805-886-0128
email: service@qualitybookkeepings.com